Friday, 26 April 2013

Water Marbling

Since the time I saw water marbling on you tube I knew that i was going to try it. In the videos it looked so simple but when i tried it, it was a disaster!!! Sometimes the polish did not disperse and when one dispersed, other didn't so after many failed attempts I just gave it up.
But I thought of giving it one more try and to my surprise, it was good. I came up with the following result-

As a base color I used Coloressence's barbie Pink.
The most difficult part was to chose the polishes for marbling and I used Jessica's Indigo Glow and Faintest Whisper and Maybelline Colorama's Perla

They spread nicely and moreover I got a shimmery effect as well.

I just messed up the thumb so please ignore :P 

Hope you liked the color combination.


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