Monday, 25 June 2018

Review of UR Sugar Polygel and slip solution and dual forms

Hi guys!!
Today I have review of this UR Sugar Polygel in colour Pearl Pink, UR Sugar slip solution and dual forms which was kindly sent to me by Emily from Born Pretty Store.

First of let me start with polygel which comes in a handy 30 ml black tube. The consistency of gel is thick but is very sticky. You can work with the gel nicely without having to worry it falling or slipping along the cuticles or side walls, it will stay put where you have placed it but you will definitely need slip solution to spread it as it is sticky and thus you can have problem of brush sticking to the product and product not spreading nicely. The color is a pearl pink which is few shades darker than french pink color. If you want to do french nails and don't want a pinkier shade than I must suggest that you should go with a lighter shade than this i.e. soft pink shade. The gel cures in 60 seconds and give a nice glass like finish. I will totally recommend this product though and at a price of  $2.99 it's a steal deal. You can buy different shades of this polygel from Born Pretty Store site as it comes in 8 pretty shades.

Next up is slip solution which comes in 20ml dropper bottle. The bottle comes nicely sealed and once you have used it the cap tightens very well and you will have to press on the cap and rotate it to open it. It doesn't  have a stinky or strong smell like acrylic monomer. It does the work very well in spreading the polygel and smooth it out and don't worry about the color of the solution, it will not transfer or show on the polygel. I totally recommend this product to use along with the polygel.

The last and important product, the dual forms. This is a very revolutionary product as you do not require any tips or forms when you use this product and it can totally be reused. You don't have to worry about the apex as it gives a nice apex to the gel extensions. The only thing that you need to do is shape the nails accordingly after you have created extensions using these forms and gel. It would have been so nice if the forms comes in different shapes, it would be a dream come true for nail techs and will certainly reduce their time to do a set of nails.

These are the extensions that I created with these products-

I have video (linked below) of how to use these products to create an extension, i hope you like it-

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Born Pretty Store Holographic Chameleon Nail Flakies

Hi guys!!!
Writing a post after long. Today I have review of this beautiful holo flakie by Born Pretty Store, item ID #41332

It is a beautiful flakie with colour shift from blue to purple to copper to hint of green as is visible in the following pic-
It has a beautiful holographic finish to it as well as can be seen in this pic

I bought flakie number 1 and it comes in 0.2 gm jar and is available at a discounted price of $1.99. You can an additional 10% discount using my coupon code DVG10, so go on and splurge on the site.
Here are some more pics of the product-

Here is the video of the product-

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Giraffe Nail art

Hi guys!!!
Here are my giraffe nails for Glam Nails Challenge on Instagram

Product used are 'Java Va Voom' by Cuccio and for giraffe pattern is 'Desert Sun' by China Glaze

Here is the video tutorial-

Monday, 14 May 2018

Space Nail Art

Hi guys!!!
Today I am here with the space nail art

This nail art I did for Space theme for Glam Nails Challenge on Instagram
Products Used-
1. Go-Diva Cuticle mask (latex)
2. 'Perfect Black' by Madam Glam
3. Flakies I bought from Ali express
4. White acrylic color
5. Detailing brush
6. Cuccio veener top 5

1. Apply cuticle mask on the nails
2. Apply black gel polish, do not cure
3. Peel off the cuticle mask and cure the polish under LED lamp for 30 secs or under UV lamp for 2 mins
4. Apply flakies randomly.
5. With detailing brush and white color acrylic draw stars
6. Seat the design with top coat, cure it under LED lamp for 30 secs or under UV lamp for 2 mins
7. Remove the tacky layer.

Here is the video tutorial for you guys-

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Dream Catcher Nail Art

Hi guys!!!
I did a dream catcher nail art for Glam Nails Challenge on Instagram

Products Used-
1. Tux Polish 'Pure' as base
2. Loreal Paris 'Matte Top Coat'
3. Acrylic Colors in green, red, yellow, blue and black
4. Gold and silver dust
5. AB crystals
6. Colorbar Fast dring top coat
7. Detailing brush

1. Apply the white base, let it dry and then apply matte topcoat over it.
2. Wirh watered down acrylic colors in yellow, green, blue and red put random blobs.
3. Mix gold dust with black acrylic color and draw the wheel.
4. Draw strings with black acrylic color.
5. Mix silver dust with black acrylic color and draw feathers.
6. Apply top coat and immediately put a rhinestone in the center of the wheel.
7. Apply top coat once again and seal in your design.

Here are some more pics

Here is the video tutorial-

Friday, 11 May 2018

Dragonflies Nail Art

Hi guys!!!
Today I have cool dragonflies nail art for you

Its very easy peasy to do
Products used are-
1. What I like about blue by China Glaze
2. Madam Glam Matte top coat
3. AB crystals in size 2,3,and 4 by Go-Diva in association with MILV
4. White acrylic color
5. Inglot XL 4 and XL 7 and Kiko Milano sparkle touch
6. Born Pretty store no wipe top coat

1. Apply two coats of blue polish and let it dry
2. Apply matte top coat and do not cure as we will be putting crystals over it
3. Put the crystals to make the dragon fly body and cure under LED lamp for 30 secs or 2 mins under UV lamp
4. With white acrylic paint draw the wings
5. With glitter and sparkle polish fill in the wings
6. With help of detailing brush apply no wipe top coat over the wings and cure under LED lamp for 30 secs or 2 mins under UV lamp

Here are some more pictures-

Here is the video tutorial-

Thursday, 10 May 2018

BPS Champagne Rose Gold Holographic Pigment

Hey peeps!!!
Today I am here with a review of Born Pretty Store Champagne Rose Gold Holographic pigment, item ID 41375. 

The quantity of the jar which was sent to me was 0.2gm and original price is $2.09 but is available for $1.29, you can get an additional 10% off by using my code DVG10 while checkout. The jar is also available in 0.5gm and 0.8gm.
The powder is not a fine one but gives a nice holo effect after burnishing on nails. I applied the pigment over 4 different colors- Red, White, Black and Coral, the first three by Madam Glam and last one 'For Fox sake' by KB Shimmer.
I applied the powder three time over each color just to see the effect it gives over each color. 
In first coat it covers ok, and in third coat it fully covers and gives a nice holo effect. The base colors are not visible under sunlight in third coat but under a lamp you can make out the base colors. 
The holo effect is sperb and I would totally recommend this as it's a perfect holo pigment for wedding or cocktail nails.
Attached below are the pictures in different coats and colors-

One Coat

2 Coats

3 Coats
3 coats
Here is the video Tutorial-