Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Gradient and filigree design

Hi Guys!!!
Today I am here with vertical gradient and filigree design over it. I created the gradient for a monthly challenge- Mani Swap Circle
In this challenge a list of all the participants is created and one needs to recreate a mani of the person below.I had to recreate a mani of Amanda aka @thenailpolishhound 
The polishes used for base is 'Pure' by @tuxpolish and polishes used for gradient are 'Mammy', '№IL-116 Зацепил' by @el_corazon_shop and 'Hot-hot-hot Pants' by @colorclubnaillacquer

1. Apply the base polish
2. Put a latex around the nails to save all the mess
3. On a makeup sponge put the other polishes
4. Dab on the nails, and keep repeating the steps till you get the desired look.
5. Apply a matte top coat

6. With black acrylic/poster colors draw some random filigree design over it
7. Seal with a top coat

For details check the video-

Hope you like the design, let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Smoosh and Nail art

Hi Guys!!
So here is the nail art I did for #smooshynailsunday which is hosted by Rong, Doris, Chablis and Renae on Instagram. It is a bi-weekly challenge and you have to create a smoosh nail using the colors of polishes chosen for that particular week. The colors details for a week are posted on Tuesday and you have to prepare the smoosh by the given deadline.
The color this time were- Beige, Melon red, Gold and Frosty Brown
The polishes which I used are-
The polishes used are - 
@cucciocolour 'Java Va Voom!
@maybelline Color Show 'Bold Gold'
@juicecosmetics No 16 and 06

1. Put some random blobs on a stamper

2. Lightly press the blobs on the stamper with another stamper

3. Apply the pressed polishes over the nail 

4. Apply a top coat and you are done. 

I have applied matte top coat as well

I did some simple nail art over the smoosh

Hope you all like it, do lemme know in the comments below.

Check the video of the design-

Back after a pretty loooong time!!!

Hi guys!!!
How have you all been??? It's been long since I posted anything on this blog (last post being 3 years back!!!). I totally ignored my blog and really felt bad, but what happened you ask?? LIFE HAPPENED!!! Home to office and office to home and all other obligations, I didn't get anytime to write anything, but yes I was active on Instagram!
I have got time now and I will try and post as much and as regular as possible so wish me luck.