Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Aquarelle Floral Mani

Hello guys, 
I am very excited to show you the mani which I created few days back. For this particular mani I have used water colors!!! So, first of all lemme show the mani I created 
I dunno how so many ladies create wonders using acrylic colors but I personally find it little bit difficult to use them. I have worked with acrylic colors in the past and I have noticed that once they dry up on your nails and you don't find the design so appealing and want to remove it,  then its hard to remove them with water (though it can be easily removed with water when it is wet). The second thing I encountered was that they do not mix well, I mean if you want two colors to have a blended kinda look then I find it difficult to achieve it (I may be encountering all these problems coz I don't use them regularly and not well versed with their use but these are my personal opinions). I wanted the colors to have a blended look and easy to work with and I have used water colors during my school and college days for art so I find the water colors easy to use but when I used then over a nail polish they did not stick well so I thought that these might not work over polish but then I came across some tuts on you tube as to how to use them over polish. So the first method is to first apply an acrylic color over polish and then working with water colors over it. White acrylic color as it will bring out the colors of water colors used over it. But then I thought it will just limit my use of other nail polishes as it won't matter what color polish I wear as I will have to cover it with white acrylic paint and moreover what if I have to design some small patterns???? So searched more on you tube and there I found the answer. The first option is to cover the polish with matte polish and then you can work with water colors and the second option is to layer the polish with clear polish and let it dry and then buff it slightly. The reason for these being that the water colors work well on etched surface and thus when you buff your nails or apply a matte top coat, it creates a rough surface and water colors can stick well on that. The plus pint with water colors is that they can be easily removed with water even after they dry up on the nails.
So, for creating the design for today's mani I applied a matte top coat over the polish and worked with water colors and they did work nicely and I was happy with the outcome.
So, enough said, here is the mani once again. The base color used is China Glaze's 'All Wrapped Up' form CG Holiglaze collection.

I hope you all liked it and if you try this then do lemme know.


Friday, 27 December 2013

My Christams Manis

Hi guys, so Christmas is over and I had participated in the Indian Lacquer Group's Christmas challenge and these are the manis which I created for the same.
Candy, Gifts, Angel, Christmas tree and wreath
The above design I did using water colors and it was not so good coz I came to know that these colors don't work well on a glossy surface but now I  learnt how to make them work over a polish and I have made a design using water colors which I will be posting soon. The image on the thumb is stamped using the image on MJ tester plate.
Ginger Bread Man
The above design is a simple design and I drew gingerbread man using acrylic color and the polka dots using polish in golden yellow and red over a green polish.
I felt so lethargic that I just changed the pattern on my ring finger and drew a reindeer on a glitter base and inside red polka dot I added green colored polka dots
Wrapping paper
I had bought some nail foils recently and I thought of using them for the challenge. Some foils worked very well and some didn't, well over all this was an experiment and a way to find out which all foils work well.
All that Glitters
I had purchased China Glaze Holiglaze collection from ebay and it arrived well in time and during the challenge, so I thought of using them for the challenge and I am so happy to own this collection. All the polishes are so glittery and I specially loved the chunky glitter polish having a mix of purple, blue, silver and white glitters.

So guys, these are the manis I created for the Christmas, I hope you liked them..

Sunday, 22 December 2013


6 Beauty and fashion bloggers(including me) have come together to bring a Big International Giveaway to our readers.
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallenge)- Follow Someone's Tutorial

Hi guys!!! today I am here with nail art featuring some one's tutorial. It was really hard for me to decide which tutorial I should follow as there are many awesome girls doing so awesome manis. After searching I decided to follow the Winter Wonder Land Tutorial by Stacey Castanha which she has done using toothpick!!! Her tuts are always simple and are easy to achieve and they look so neat and adorable. This is my version of her tutorial- 
The colors used are-
1. Revlon  Moon Candy 'Galactic'- As blue base
2. Elle 18 '53'- As base on thumb
3. Kleancolor '244 (Mr. Right)'- As Sparkles on all the fingers over blue color
4. Sally Hansen '300 (White on)- for snow and snowman
5. Gaits 'Lonely Green'- For tree
6. L'Oreal '303(Lush Tangerine)'- For snowman's nose and scarf
7. Elle 18 '35 (Black)'- For Snowman's eyes, buttons and tree trunk
I have used various size dotting tools to recreate the mani. Hope you liked the design and do check out the Winter Wonderland Nail art Tutorial using toothpick by Stacey Castanha here and do subscribe to her channel here to see her great work and get inspired.

Do leave your precious comments below.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallenge) Week 11- Artwork Featuring Three Favourite Polishes

Hey Fellas!!! I am Very happy as I had won an Instagram contest organized by Beaching Nails and My Online Shop last month and I had won three tester plates (Yipppeeee) and the prize got delivered to me a few days back.

Frankly speaking I was not a big fan of stamping, reason being, when I first tried stamping with my first ever Konad plate I bought, the images didn't stamp well even by using Konad special polishes and I thought that I did something wrong and this is not my forte. I used to get so awwweed by the other stampers, I wondered how they stamped so well. Later on I realized that the image plate which I had bought was faulty and it was not my fault, AT ALL!!! But I didn't buy any more plates either, but an opportunity knocked on my phone (lols) and I entered the contest and I won the plates and as soon as the plates arrived I tried stamping with them and what I saw was that my most of the polishes work fine with stamping and so I thought of doing stamping for this week's ILL challenge and this is what I created-
I am very new to this stamping world, so please pardon me for any mistakes I had done. The polishes I have used are-
1. Street Wear #37 (Yellow Delight)
2. Sally Hansen #40 (Coral Reef)
3. Kleancolor #79 (Light Red)

The reason I used this polish is that the yellow is my favorite yellow and this is the second bottle I am using of it. I am in love with Coral color now days and the particular coral color polish was gifted to me by Rajani and I so love this color. Kleancolor is a new brand that I am using but I have fallen in love with it, the polishes are so fast drying and this red color is so good and gives a nice red color in just one coat.
For stamping I have used two images from the MJ plate No. XXV. The images are crisp and stamp very well and I have my faith restored in stamping.
Hope you like the design, do let me know by leaving the comments below.


Monday, 2 December 2013

Foil Marbling- My Anniversary Nails a New Experiment

 Hello guys!!! So it was second marriage anniversary on 30 November (how time flies by!!!) and I wore this mani for the occasion.
This was my new experiment with foils and I call it Foil Marbling!!! Yessss FOIL MARBLING!!!! (Lols). It is just like dry marbling but to add on the effect I added foil to it. The colors I have used for the mani are Zoya 'Lulu' which is a nice nude shade, Elle 18 '#53' which is a blue color and i have used silver foil and foil glue for sticking the foil.  
The steps are simple and is done the same way as done in dry marbling. After applying the base coat, I applied a generous amount of the nude color polish and then I applied 2-3 dots of blue color polish and foil glue randomly while the nude color was still wet. With the marbling tool (you can use any brush like a striping brush or tooth pick) I mixed the colors well (they can be mixed in any way you like).  I then let it dry completely, the foil glue is opaque when its wet but when it dries it becomes transparent, the glue should be completely dry before proceeding on to next step otherwise the foil will not stick well. I then took a silver color foil and pressed it on the nails (you would have to press it many times for the foil to stick), the areas where there was foil glue the foil stuck on it and then I applied the topcoat to seal in the design.
The image above is taken in the night so is dark. Hope you like my experiment and if you try this then do let me know and post the pics on my FB page.
Please do leave a comment below to tell me what you fell about the design.