Friday, 12 January 2018

Review of Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat'

Hi Guys!!
Today I am here with review of Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat', item ID 39795

No wipe top coat of various brands have been there for a long time and are unlike normal LED/UV top coat they don't require to wipe off the sticky layer and that is why they are appropriate for applying chrome and mirror powders. 
I never got to try these before and I so desperately wanted to try it and when Allison from Born Pretty Store sent it to me for review, I was so elated and couldn't wait for the parcel to come. The day it arrived I just opened it and tried it. I also used chrome powder 'Blue Bullet' by Mitty Burns but all that later.
First off the BPS No Wipe Top Coat is amazing, the brush glides on smoothly and covers the nails in a very less amount. I cured it for 30 seconds in a LED lamp and the best thing- you don't require to wipe the sticky layer as there is none, yayyyyyy....!!!! Beacuse of this particular trait this top coat is suitable for chrome and mirror powders.
I used Mitty Burns "Blue Bullet' over this top coat and this is what was the outcome-
 So let me get to the steps-
1. Prep your nails and use a gel base coat. I have used Soak off gel by Madam Glam. Cure it under LED lamp for 30 Seconds or 2 mins in a UV lamp.

2. Apply a base gel polish, I have applied two coats of 'Perfect Black' by Madam Glam, curing each coat in in LED lamp for 30 seconds (you can cure it under UV lamp as well for 2 minutes)

3. Apply Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat' and cure it under LED for 30 seconds/ UV lamp for 3 minutes.
4. Apply cuticle mask around the nails to save from the mess

5. Next apply Blue Bullet chrome powder by Mitty Burns with the help of eye shadow applicator. Just dip the eye shadow applicator in the pot of powder and start brushing it on the nails.
6. Brush of the excess powder from the nails and apply a LED top coat over the desired result and cure it under LED lamp for 30 seconds. I have used Cuccio Colour Veneer No.5
7. This top coat requires sticky layer to be wiped off, so use finishing wipe to wipe off the sticky layer.

This is the the desired result you will get-

Some more pics -

Under Sunlight

Here is the complete video-