Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tape mani!!!

Hello guys........how are you all??? I have been planning on doing some tape mani and was not getting any inspiration. One day I was watching show on Star Plus 'Nach Baliye Shriman vs Shrimati' and saw gorgeous Shilpa Shetty wearing the following dress and was totally awed.

I thought of executing the design on my nails. Moreover, I had bought one teal color nail paint recently (its not of  a brand, I guess its some indie brand....) and was thinking of applying it but was not able to think of any design and then Shilpa's dress came to my rescue :)

After executing the design, this is the final result I got-

The colors which I have used are-
1. Red color- Maybelline colorama Graus
2. White color- Lakme Color Crush No. 08
3. Teal color- Camieo Speed Dry Nail Enamel

The steps of this easy mani are as follows-

Step1- Apply base coat onto your nails and after that color all your nails red and let them completely dry before the second step.

Step2- After the color completely dries up cut tapes (you can use any tape, cellophane tape). I did not have striping tape so I used a golden color tape and cut it in desired lengths and breadth and put it in on the nails as shown-

Step 3- Apply teal color nails paint over the nails in which you have put thicker tapes and white color over the nails which have thinner tapes. I have applied both the designs on the thumb.

Hope you liked the design and color combinations.


Monday, 29 April 2013

Nail Art Giveaway! $25 Voucher to the Born Pretty Store!

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Water Marbling

Since the time I saw water marbling on you tube I knew that i was going to try it. In the videos it looked so simple but when i tried it, it was a disaster!!! Sometimes the polish did not disperse and when one dispersed, other didn't so after many failed attempts I just gave it up.
But I thought of giving it one more try and to my surprise, it was good. I came up with the following result-

As a base color I used Coloressence's barbie Pink.
The most difficult part was to chose the polishes for marbling and I used Jessica's Indigo Glow and Faintest Whisper and Maybelline Colorama's Perla

They spread nicely and moreover I got a shimmery effect as well.

I just messed up the thumb so please ignore :P 

Hope you liked the color combination.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunset Nails!!!!

Hello you all......... Hope you all are doing great. So here I am with today's mani and the theme I have chosen is sunset. I remember when I was a kid i used to draw sunset paintings, which were not good but I used to be satisfied with the results :P 
A thought then occurred to me as to why not try these on my nails!!! So after giving it a thought and as to what design i should make I came out with the following result-

I could not decide which color to choose as the sunset color and thought of doing a ombre but I didn't get a good result so after removing the ombre I and then I found a perfect color for the sunset- Colorbar's Tangerine Mojito!!! The color is not so bright orange as was perfect for the sunset color. 
The idea that was in my mind was to draw a scene of sunset when the sun totally sets and one just see silhouettes of the things so for that I used acrylic black acrylic color to draw my design. I french tipped with black acrylic to depict the land I thought of designing a tree with a swing hanging on it and decided that the finger which will flaunt this design will be my pinkie!!! :D

The ring finger then completed the tree's design. The design looked incomplete so I painted some flying dry leaves on the middle finger and thumb. It reminded of a warm summer sunset weather when the leaves float in the air. 

I then drew a house with smoke flying from its chimney showing that household chores have just started and yellow windows showing light coming from inside the house. 


I was then satisfied with the result and hope you all will also like it.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Muted Flowers!!!

Its been so long since I have posted something, have been busy with some work so not getting time to do any mani and upload something.
Here is the mani I did the following mani few days back.

I am not a good stamper :( so, I have not stamped the flowers rather I have painted them and it took me almost 45 minutes to one hour to design all the nails!!! I just wish I was good at stamping........... 
Anyways, without wasting your time I will list down the items required and steps for the mani and steps below.

Items Required-
1. Any grey color polish- I didn't have a grey polish so I mixed different colors of 'Faces Sparkle Glitter' in clear polish to get the desired grey color.
2. Acrylic color grey in color and if you don't have grey color then you can mix black and white color to get the grey color.
3. Fine bristles nail art brush.

Step 1. Apply base coat and then apply the grey color nail polish on your nails.

Step 2. Mix black and white colors to get a grey color which is closer to the nail polish color. The grey color should be of  a lighter tone than that of the polish. Once you get the desired grey color, using the fine nail art brush, draw flowers. The petals need not be round, you just have to make the flowers in the geometric form.

After you are done , apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Hope you all like the mani and please spread a word about my blog.

Love xoxo

Friday, 12 April 2013

Some Wild Flowers

This is the mani I did few weeks back. The spring had just started and i was feeling all happy to see the flowers bloom. I was strolling in the park in front of my house and saw wild flowers growing. A idea then struck my mind to create a nail art mani with wild flowers.
This mani is very easy to do. The items required for this mani are-
1. A blue nail paint- I have used Elle 18 no. 53 
2. Acrylic colors in yellow, red, green and dark green color
3. your nail art brushes

The steps are as follows-
Step1. The first and important step is to apply a base coat before applying the nail paint. After applying the base coat apply the blue color nail paint on your nails.

Step 2.  Just add lines in green and dark green acrylic color. There is no specific pattern no draw the lines, just draw them in any manner, crisscrossing, straight.

Step 3. Draw yellow triangles  here and there, it does not matter if they cover the green lines. Touch up with red colors in between the yellow triangles. After that draw some green lines over the flowers so that it looks as if the the flowers are covered . 

And the last step is to Seal in the design by applying a topcoat and the design is ready to flaunt.

Hope you all like this design and please spread a word about my blog


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Blog: April New Products Giveaway Ends! The Winner are....

I am new to this blog world and good things have started already.... :) I won the second prize in Born Pretty Store's April new product giveaway........

Born Pretty Store Blog: April New Products Giveaway Ends! The Winner are....: Thanks for joining our one year anniversary giveaway!  After statistics the valid votes, we choose out three lucky winner ! It'...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Autism awareness mani.....

Autism is a neural development disorder but autistic person also have feelings, they feel love, pain, happiness like we do. That is why autism can also be described as-

A= Always
U= Unique
T= Totally
I= Interesting
S= Sometimes
M= Mysterious

So, here I am doing my own part to spread awareness about autism through the following mani-

The puzzle piece is used to raise autism awareness and so i have drawn the piece of puzzles on my thumb.
We all want all the children, whether autistic or normal, to be happy always and walk hand in hand so I have depicted the same idea on other fingers.

Apply a base coat of your choice and then we are ready to do the  mani.

So lets start with the thumb-
Items required-
1. A light color nail paint- I have used Jessica's 'Faintest whisper' but any other light color paint can be used.
2.  Acrylic color of different colors.
3. Thin nail art brush- I have used Escoda Optimo Kolinsky 5/0 (for drawing the line) and 4/0 (for filling in the design)

Step 1. Color your thumb with light color nail paint.

Step 2. Using the thin brush and black acrylic color paint the jigsaw puzzles.

Step 3. Fill in the insides of the jigsaw puzzle with colors of your choice. Need not worry if the color covers the black lines, you can always retouch the lines with black color in the end.

The thumb is now done, so lets move on to other fingers.

Items Required-
1. White color nail paint- I have used Lakme Color Crush 08
2.  Acrylic color of different colors.
3. Thin nail art brush- I have used Escoda Optimo Kolinsky 5/0 (for drawing the line) and 4/0 (for filling in the design).

Step 1. Color all the nails with the white nail paint.

Step 2. With the brown acrylic color paint a dot on each nail and with a free hand draw a frock (to represent a girl) or pants and shirt (to represent a boy).
With a free hand draw their hands, legs, eyes and smiling face.
In a palette, put some acrylic paint and  put a lot of water on the paint to give it a watery consistency. Spread this color all around the figure.

The design is now ready. just apply a topcoat and seal in your design.

I hope you liked the design. Leave your comment and suggestions and please spread a word about my blog. 


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Blog: April New Products Giveaway !

Born Pretty Store Blog: April New Products Giveaway !: Hi dear s ! This days , our store have many great new products . And i am glad that they are ver y popular for our  customers  now !  So...

Inspired by the dress!!!!

So here is my first mani, with steps

 Items Required:

1. Nail polishes- White and nude brown
2. Acrylic colors- Black
3. Nail art brush

Step 1. Apply Base coat on your nails and french tip with white colour

 Step 2. Using your nail art brush draw lines as shown

 Step 3. Apply the brown nude polish below the french tip.

Step 4. Draw lines using black acrylic colour as shown

 Apply a topcoat to seal in your design and tada!!!! your mani is ready............


A start!!!

Hello everybody, so here I am, with my own blog on nail art (excited!!!). 
I am not a pro at nail art, its just my hobby and, so, I decided to share it with you. 

Hope you all like my work and your suggestions, your comments are always welcome.