Thursday, 18 April 2013

Muted Flowers!!!

Its been so long since I have posted something, have been busy with some work so not getting time to do any mani and upload something.
Here is the mani I did the following mani few days back.

I am not a good stamper :( so, I have not stamped the flowers rather I have painted them and it took me almost 45 minutes to one hour to design all the nails!!! I just wish I was good at stamping........... 
Anyways, without wasting your time I will list down the items required and steps for the mani and steps below.

Items Required-
1. Any grey color polish- I didn't have a grey polish so I mixed different colors of 'Faces Sparkle Glitter' in clear polish to get the desired grey color.
2. Acrylic color grey in color and if you don't have grey color then you can mix black and white color to get the grey color.
3. Fine bristles nail art brush.

Step 1. Apply base coat and then apply the grey color nail polish on your nails.

Step 2. Mix black and white colors to get a grey color which is closer to the nail polish color. The grey color should be of  a lighter tone than that of the polish. Once you get the desired grey color, using the fine nail art brush, draw flowers. The petals need not be round, you just have to make the flowers in the geometric form.

After you are done , apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Hope you all like the mani and please spread a word about my blog.

Love xoxo


  1. Wow you are super talented ....I thought you have stamped these flowers...great mani...:)