Friday, 12 April 2013

Some Wild Flowers

This is the mani I did few weeks back. The spring had just started and i was feeling all happy to see the flowers bloom. I was strolling in the park in front of my house and saw wild flowers growing. A idea then struck my mind to create a nail art mani with wild flowers.
This mani is very easy to do. The items required for this mani are-
1. A blue nail paint- I have used Elle 18 no. 53 
2. Acrylic colors in yellow, red, green and dark green color
3. your nail art brushes

The steps are as follows-
Step1. The first and important step is to apply a base coat before applying the nail paint. After applying the base coat apply the blue color nail paint on your nails.

Step 2.  Just add lines in green and dark green acrylic color. There is no specific pattern no draw the lines, just draw them in any manner, crisscrossing, straight.

Step 3. Draw yellow triangles  here and there, it does not matter if they cover the green lines. Touch up with red colors in between the yellow triangles. After that draw some green lines over the flowers so that it looks as if the the flowers are covered . 

And the last step is to Seal in the design by applying a topcoat and the design is ready to flaunt.

Hope you all like this design and please spread a word about my blog


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