Wednesday, 28 March 2018

BPS Nail Sandy Sugar Powder Review

Hi guys!!
I am back with the review of Born Pretty Store 'Nail Sandy Sugar Powder' Item ID 39357 which was sent to me for review by Allison. There are various color combinations to choose from and I chose no. 519. 

The powder is made of small multicolored sequins. 
The one that I chose was combination of fluorescent green, pink, purple and white colored sequins.

The powder can be mixed with gel polish as well as normal polish and applied over nails and it gives a textured effect except for when used under a gel overlay (the effects can be seen in the attached video).
Here I have mixed it with gel and did a dotticure.

The effect as can be seen is 3D and textured. I really loved the way it turned out.
The products which I have used are-

1. Cuccio Nail solutions Base coat

2. Dance Legend Polish no. 641

3. Cuccio Pro T3 LED/UV Controlled Leveling gel  clear

4. Born Pretty Store Sandy Sugar Powder No. 519

Apply base coat and then apply two coats of nail polish and let it dry. With a dotting tool put drops of gel over the nail polish and then sprinkle sugar powder over it. Cure in LED lamp for 1 min or in UV lamp for 2 mins. Dust off the excess powder with a fluffy brush and you are done.

The powder can also be mixed with gel and applied over nails or can be used under a gel overlay,

The powder always gives a textured finish except when used under a gel overlay. 

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Some more pics of the mani-

Here is the video, enjoy