Thursday, 27 June 2013

TPC June- Day Four

Hello all the beautiful ladies out there. How are you all??? So this month is coming to an end and with it half of the year will be gone!!! How time flies by.....ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Today I am here with the fourth TPC mani for june. I was not feeling well so I just kept it simple.

The nail polish used are the same which have been used in previous manis
I tried to have a washed up effect and thought how will the mani look if I use all the three color. So here is what I did.
After applying the base coat apply pink color nail paint on all of your nails, let it dry. apply red color polish over it and with a crumpled up polythene sheet dab here and there on the red polish while its still wet. apply a clear polish or top coat to blend in the two colors. After it dries apply purple color polish over it and again dab on it with crumpled poly sheet. After this step though the red color underneath was visible but the pink color almost disappeared!!!! I hope you can see the little tinges of pink color. Apply top coat to blend in the colors. The nails were looking empty so, I thought of doing some stamping (And tell you what, I suck at it!!!!). So, with Konad stamping plate no.31 and konad special polish in silver I stamped in the flowers on my ring finger. I then again applied a top coat to seal in the final design.

P.S. I messed up my thumb, so please ignore.. :P

Hope you liked the design.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

TPC- Day 3, Using Born Pretty Store Metal Chains

Its the third day of TPC June and I am here with a very simple mani.

The colours used are the same-
Purple- Street wear "Lilac Martini"
Pink- Coloressence "Barbie Pink"
Red- Maybelline Colorama "Graus"

The chains are 'Punk Style Metal Chain Line' from Born Pretty Store. I had won them in  a giveaway by Born Pretty store during April. They come in two colours- gold and silver and two sizes- 2mm and 1.6mm and are 100cm in length. I was thinking of doing a design with them but could not think of anything!!! So, I thought of putting them in one of the TPC.
There are very simple steps to this mani. Apply base coat. French tip them with pink and red colors alternately. Cut the chain according to your nail breadth and stick them in between where purple and red/pink colors meet. 
Tip: It's better to use a glue rather than clear polish to stick the chains as they will stick properly and will not come out from the edges (like they did in mine and thus have to stick it again and again with a clear polish) and do not forget to apply 2-3 coats of topcoat to make the mani wearable for a long time.

Hope you liked the design. 
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

TPC June- Day 2

Hello all the lovely ladies out there!!!
Today I am here with the mani for the day 2 of Crumpet Nail Tart's TPC for June. The same products, used for day 1, are used here.

I hope you can see the pink nail polish as well.
I started by applying the pink polish on the nails then applied striping tape horizontally and applied red polish over it and then removed the striping tape so after this step I had adjacent horizontal red and pink polishes. Over this I put striping tape vertically and applied the purple polish. I drew flower with golden acrylic paint and put a purple rhinestone in between the flower. I also put three rhinestones vertically on the  thumb. Topped it off with top coat and the design was ready.

Hope you all liked the design. Take a look what other lovely ladies have created.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My First Ever Tri Polish Challenge

Hello girls......
So here is the 18 of the month June and here I am with my nail art for the month's tri polish challenge. The tri polish challenge is the mind work work of Debbie Crumpet. Every month three colors are specified and one has to create a mani using the polishes of the specified colors. The colors for June's TPC are purple, red and pink and I have used-
For Purple- Street wear "Lilac Martini"
For Pink- Coloressence "Barbie Pink"
For Red- Maybelline Colorama "Graus"

Here is the mani I have created using the colors-

I have used Zoya "Lulu" as a base color and NYX "Pink Avenue" as a top glitter coat.

Apply base coat and paint the nails with a nude color. Put the purple color polish on the side tip of the nails and spread it with fan brush. Take a dotting tool, create pink color flowers and then with the red color polish, paint the inside the of the pink color flowers Create a single dot with red color polish and then put a small pink color dot inside the red dot. Apply the glitter polish over the mani and seal your design with a top coat.

I didn't have any ideas for any design, so I ended up doing this simple mani. Hope you liked the design and see the work of other artist below.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Born Pretty Store Foil Review and Nail Art

Hello dolls!!! How you all have been??? I have been waiting for my nails to grow and the loooooooooong wait is now over :). I had got nail foils from Born Pretty Store to be reviewed, so I decided to start my nail arts by reviewing the product. So here is my review.   
I am a huge fan of nail foils because of the look they create- All shiny and different. Nail art foils can be bought from different sites but when I got the foil from Born Pretty Store to review, I was on seventh heaven. It was like my dream came true!!!  :D
The foils come in 27 awesome shades and for particular review I have used the nail art foil golden in color. 

The foil comes nicely packed in a small and easy to carry container and in the form of a band.

Container of the foil
The nail art foil is very easy to use and no foil glue is required to stick the foil on the nails, all you need is a nail polish. To apply the foil first you need to apply a nail polish, be it of any color (I have used a clear top coat) and let it dry and then again apply the same polish but now do not let it dry completely, wait till it becomes tacky i.e. when you press on it, it should leave the fingerprint impression. Now taking the foil and keeping shiny side up, rub it gently over the tacky nail polish (q tip can also be used to rub). The foil pattern will stick to your nails leaving a transparent area on the foil band. Apply a top coat and seal in the design. 

Tip- While applying the topcoat is that apply it in quick strokes as the color of the foil will start wearing off if you keep on applying in various strokes. 

I had seen videos in which the nail artist have applied foils to their whole nails with the help of the foil glue and I was curious to do the same thing but using this technique and foil by BPS, and to my amazement, it really worked!!! Though it was not achieved in one go and some space was left but I retouched it with the foil again and it worked perfectly fine!!!! Below are the pictures of the same 

So all in all the foils will work perfectly, provided you let the polish get tacky before application of foil, otherwise the foil will not stick nicely.

I also did the following nail art using the foil. 
The polishes I used are-
1. Lakme white Polish (#08)
2. L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Vernis- L'Or Incandescent (#824). The polish is black in color packed with golden glitter.
3. China Glaze Neon- Pink Voltage, In the limelight and Celtic Sun.

Apply base coat, let it dry, paint your nails white in color, create an ombre using different combinations of the neons, place striping tape diagonally on the nails, on the lower end apply the L'Or Incandescent polish and on the upper end apply the foil using the steps mentioned above. Pull of the tape and apply a topcoat in fast 2-3 strokes.

Do try the nail foils, they are awesome, buy them here
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Hope you liked my review and the design.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pink Flowers

Hello guys!!! Been a long time, my nails have grown a little and I have started doin the manis, but I will be posting them later on, but I have to post some work I have done, so here it is, which I did few months back.

This mani is simple and the items required are-
A light color nail polish- I have used a shimmery polish by Womsee, the name of the color is 'Sparkling Diva'
Acrylic colors in dark green, light green, pink, dark pink and red.
Thin brushes- I have used 'Escoda Optimo Kolinsky' 5/0 and 4/0 in numbers

After applying base coat, apply the light color nail polish. then using the brush and dark green color just make a slanting french by striping in small lines. Again using the same technique make small stripes with light green color here and there in between the dark green color. Using a pink color darw flower with free hand, with a dark pink color just draw a line in between the petals and highlight he flower with the red color. Seal the design with the top coat and you are done.

Note: You can make pink color by mixing white and red color. A particular color of your choice can be obtained by mixing the colors accordingly.

Hope you liked the design.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Born Pretty Holographic Holo Glitter Nail Polish Varnish

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