Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallenge) Week 10- Stripes/Lines

Hello guys!!! So this is the 10th week of the Indian Lacquer Challenge and the theme for this week was 'Stripes/Lines'. So here is the mani I created for the same-
It is a very simple design and the colors I have used are-
1. Kleancolor - #157 'Metallic White'
2. Colorbar- #15 'Exclusive'
3. Acrylic color- Turquoise Blue
4. Brown Color Glitters

After applying base coat I applied two coats of metallic white color and let it dry. After that I applied colorbar 'Exclusive' which a light teal in color. The color has been given to me as Diwali swap gift by a very sweet friend of mine- Rajani Bhatt. I applied the color in diagonal checkered style and let it dry, then with a a thin brush dipped in the turqouise blue acrylic color, I made thin lines between the checkered design. Applied a top coat and then put glitters (which I had bought form a local stationary shop) where the lines intersected while the top coat was still wet. I then again applied a top coat to seal in the design.

I also applied a matte top coat just to see which one looks best- matte or shiny and here is the pic with matte top coat. The matte top coat is of China glaze called 'Matte Magic'.

I can't decide which one looks best so you guys help me!!! Hope you liked the design, do let me know by commenting below.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallenge) Week 9- Try a New Technique

Hello guys, here I am with yet another week of a nail art challenge by Indian Lacquer Lovers and the theme for this week was "Try a New Technique" and I was planning to do fish tail braid mani for a long time and so I tried to do this mani for this week's theme. This is how it turned out

I saw various videos on you tube as to how to do this mani because it seemed to be complicated to me but when I saw the videos I felt that its not that tough. I thought of giving it some twist and so I used a matte polish and gold foil to achieve the look.
The red polish I have used is of Kleancolor and the name of the polish is 'Light Red'. For the matte effect I have used the matte top coat 'Matte Magic' by China Glaze. The foils are from Born Pretty Store. 
The braids have not turned out perfect in all the fingers but the middle and the pinkie finger looks nicely braided. 

The pictures have been taken in dim light so are not that good. I have not applied a top coat as it would have ruined the matte effect. So this effect can be achieved with many combination and would look good. Hope you liked my experiment, do lemme know by leaving comments below.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallnege) Week 8- Gradient and Pattern Nails

Hello everyone!!! So I missed the last two challenges but I did wear the mani for the Diwali festival and coincidentally it matched with the theme of the week (yeyyyy!!!). I used the colors which matched the saree I wore for the festival :D

 The colors used are-
1. Pink- Sally Hansen 'Coral Reef'
2. Green- Some local Brand
3. White- Faces 'Snow White
4. Glitter- Kleancolor 'Diamond Pink'
5. Hearts- Kleancolor ' Twinkly Love'

Apply a base coat of your choice and after it dries apply the white polish. The reason I apply white polish before gradating is that the colors get shear when you sponge them and they will not come out as desired if you do not use white base color and so the colors come out come out nicely over a white base (This is my personal experience!!!). After the white color dries, put the pink color and green color over the sponge and sponge lightly over your nails, let it dry and sponge again so that you get a solid color. When the color is still wet, apply a clear polish over it so that the colors mix well and you get a nice gradiated look.  Now let it dry and then on tips apply the glitter polish. You can leave it as such but I applied the hearts to give it some edge. The hearts are not studs but its a polish, yessss polish. It is a polish by Kleancolor in which the different color hearts are in the clear polish, the problem with polish is that the hearts don't come out every time you pull the brush put of the bottle so I literally had to fetch the individual hearts out of the bottle!!! After you are done apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Hope you all liked the simple design, please do leave comment and let me know your take on the design.


Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallnege) Week 5- Festive

Hi guys!! How you all have been??? I have been very busy with the Diwali festival and had gone to my in laws place for the festival and so did not get any time to post. Today I am here with the week five of the ILL nail challenge and the theme was festive, so I submitted my Diwali mani which I had created last year. here it is

The polishes I haved used are-
Blue- Revlon 'Royal
Black- Elle 18 '#35'
LA Colors- Golden Glitter
Acrylic colors in yellow and orange

Starting with the base coat, I applied the blue color as my base and gradiated with black color on all the fingers except middle and thumb, on which I applied black color to form a curvy triangular design which will depict the 'diya'. With yellow and orange acrylic colors I drew the flame of the diya and topped all the fingers with golden glitter and sealed the design with the top coat.

I hope you all liked the design. Do let me know by leaving comments below.