Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Jai Shri Krishna

Hello guys, after so many days I am here with a mani and this mani is based on the occasion of Indian festival called Shree Krishna Janamashtami. This festival is celebrated on the eve of Lord Krishna's birth. Lord Krishna used to love cream, and he played a flute, he used to adorn peacock feather on his tiara. So, keeping in mind the same themes, I am here with the following mani.

On thumb (right picture) I have depicted Lord Krishna playing flute, on the index finger I drew a flute itself, on middle and ring finger I have depicted child Lord Krishna (called Baal Krishna) eating cream form an earthen pot and on pinkie just an eye of grown up Lord Krishna. I also wrote Hare Krishna in Hindi over the flute on index finger.

Polishes used-
1. On thumb- China Glaze holo: Strap on Your Moonboots
2. On index and pinkie finger- Jessica's #653: Indigo Glow
3. On middle and ring finger- Ombre using Revlon #26 (Jaded) and Revlon moon candy Cosmic (Just used the olive color)

I used different acrylic colors to paint the images over the nail polishes. After they dried I applied the glitter part of Revlon moon candy 'Supernova' on the thumb. LA colors green glitter on index and pinkie finger and hologram glitter on middle and ring finger. Applied a top coat after it dried.

Hope you all liked the design, let me know your views on it.


Friday, 16 August 2013

My Independence Day Mani

Hello everybody!!!! It was Independence Day celebration in India yesterday and many Indian bloggers collaborated and did a mani for this special occasion. Here is what I did-

I started of with white as base coat, the white I used was of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 300 (White on). Then I marbled on the thumb using Colorbar '095(Tangerine Mojito)' for orange color, Revlon '07(Royal)' for blue and China Glaze 'In the Limelight' for green. For index, middle and ring finger, I used acrylic color to create the design, basically I wanted to depict the national flag. On the pinkie I dotted with orange polish and then inside that with blue polish and on the innermost part with green polish. I just wanted to keep the design simple and I hope you all like it.


Monday, 12 August 2013

Born Pretty Store's Nail Art Pen Review and Sugar Spun Nails

Hey everyone!!! I am here with the review of nail art pen from Born Pretty Store and the nail art I created using it. First of all lets talk about the pen. The pen is available in 6 basic shades and comes in a nice package. The one that was sent to me for review is a wonderful pink shade.

        The pen is Toluene, DBP and formaldehyde free and is fast dry pen. The tip is very fine (as can be seen on the third image above). The ink formula is waterproof and  the design can be created on any dry polish. The pen need to shaken a little bit and while applying you need to pump a bit on the nails and the color just flows smoothly on the nails. The pen is easy to use and one can create nice designs using the pen. 
        Now here is the design I created using the pen (One image is without top coat and one is with it). 
Design without top coat
The polishes which I have used are-
1. White- Lakme Color Crush 08
2. Grey- OPI NL G21 (Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!)

1. After applying base coat I applied white color on all the nails and let it dry.
2. I applied the tape over the nails before the next step.

3. I then used the sugar spun method using OPI Nein!Nein! Nein! Ok Fine to create the design. 

4. After the above step, remove the tape and the design will look something like this
5. Now using the nail art pen draw the designs in between the left out spaces.
Design with top coat
6. After this its your will to add top coat. I have taken a photograph without top coat and one with top coat.

At last to wrap it up, some pros of the pen-
1. Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde free.
2. Dries up easily.
3. Easy to use, just shake it and pump once and the ink flows out smoothly.
4. Intricate designs can also be created.

1. Available in just 6 shades. It would have been much more good if more colors were available.

Have you used any nail art pen??? Do let me know your take on them. Buy the nail art pen here. Use coupon code DVG10 to have a 10% site wide discount.

Hope you all liked the review and the design. Do let me know your thoughts on it.

Love, xoxo

Thursday, 8 August 2013

TPC July #4 with Born Pretty Store's 3D Nail Art Sticker

Heyaaaa everyone!!!!!! I know I'ma bit late for this mani but here I am with my July's Tri Polish Challenge mani #4. Actually I did this mani on time but then I got sick and did not feel like posting for a while...... so, I am posting the mani today and here it is-

The Polishes which I have used are the same I had selected for the challenge, i.e.
Blue #1- Elle 18 nail pops '#53'
Blue #2- Revlon Top speed 'Royal'
Green- Gaits 'Lonely Green' 

I have used saran wrap method to create this mani. After applying base coat I applied light blue color on all my nails and let it dry. AFter this I applied dark blue color on top of it and while it was still wet, I crumpled a poly sheet and dabbed over it. I then applied a top coat over it to even out the color. The nails were looking empty after this so I decided to use Born Pretty Store's Luxury Embossed Texture Metal Style 3D Golden Nail Art Sticker which I had won in Born Pretty Store's April Giveaway. The sticker comes in 3 different patterns, mine was the third pattern and it looks like this-
 I really wanted to use it for a long time but was unable to, so I thought of using them in this design. The sticker can be peeled of easily and it really sticks very well on the nails. I put the sticker in a triangle pattern on the tip of the nails and on the outer side of it, I applied the green colored polish. I sealed the design with a top coat and voila the design was ready.

I hope you all liked the design.
Buy the cool nail art stickers here and add an edge to your nail design. Don't forget to use coupon code DVG10 to earn a site wide 10% off on your purchase.