Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Jai Shri Krishna

Hello guys, after so many days I am here with a mani and this mani is based on the occasion of Indian festival called Shree Krishna Janamashtami. This festival is celebrated on the eve of Lord Krishna's birth. Lord Krishna used to love cream, and he played a flute, he used to adorn peacock feather on his tiara. So, keeping in mind the same themes, I am here with the following mani.

On thumb (right picture) I have depicted Lord Krishna playing flute, on the index finger I drew a flute itself, on middle and ring finger I have depicted child Lord Krishna (called Baal Krishna) eating cream form an earthen pot and on pinkie just an eye of grown up Lord Krishna. I also wrote Hare Krishna in Hindi over the flute on index finger.

Polishes used-
1. On thumb- China Glaze holo: Strap on Your Moonboots
2. On index and pinkie finger- Jessica's #653: Indigo Glow
3. On middle and ring finger- Ombre using Revlon #26 (Jaded) and Revlon moon candy Cosmic (Just used the olive color)

I used different acrylic colors to paint the images over the nail polishes. After they dried I applied the glitter part of Revlon moon candy 'Supernova' on the thumb. LA colors green glitter on index and pinkie finger and hologram glitter on middle and ring finger. Applied a top coat after it dried.

Hope you all liked the design, let me know your views on it.



  1. Beautiful !! I simply loved it dear :) Awesome Stuff <3

  2. love the manicure! you did an amazing job Divya :)

  3. That's really nice. Loved it. :D

  4. Hey pandey gud yaar i thought it was done by somebody else.........i am unaware abt ur hidden talent..keep it up babe ...gud going.....chalo i am proud to say that one of my dear friend is a amazing nail artist.

    1. Awwww...... thanks sharmu, ur words really really mean a lot to me...... :)