Thursday, 5 September 2013


Hello guys!!! I am here with a new mani. I did this mani in a hurry and I was so uninspired :( so did not came up that nice but anyways here is the picture of the mani.

Products used-
1. Brown polish: Faces #12 (Bronze)
2. Yellow polish: Street Wear #37 (Yello Delight)
3. Green glitter: LA Colors
4. purple glitter: LA colors
5. Acrylic colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Lavender

After applying a base coat, cover all your nails brown except that of ring finger, which is to be colored with yellow color. Dab green glitter on the tips of brown color and purple glitter on the yellow color. Now apply a clear polish (this is optional, I have a top coat applied to give my nails a smooth finish before going to next step). Using green acrylic color and fine paint brush, draw two wavy lines and some leaves on all the nails. Now using yellow acrylic color draw flower petals with gentle motions over the nails painted with brown polish and use lavender color to draw flowers over the yellow polish. With orange color draw a dot in between the yellow flowers and with yellow color draw dot in between lavender color flowers. Let it dry, apply a  topcoat to seal in your design.

The design is not so unique but do leave me your feedback and comments, I love to read them.



  1. These look great! I love the flowers (:

  2. Beautiful <3 .. That's is soo pretty :)
    You have great skills girl ;)

    1. Vipra you are a swthrt, u always appreciate my efforts, thanks hun.......... :)

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  4. Hi thanks for sharing this with us :) I love this design and the colours!!
    I have just started my own beauty blog and you have inspired me to do more posts.if you could follow me that would be great! thank you xx

    1. Thanks a lot Dawny...... :) I will surely check your blog out........... :)