Thursday, 12 September 2013

Blue Waves

Heya guys!!! How you all have been?? I have been busy with some household chore (dealing with TERMITE INFESTATION!!! and it was so gross..ewwwww....) but I took sometime out and thought of doing water marbling!! Though I suck at it but still can't give up, can I ever (never)!!! So first of all let me show you the design 

 The design was satisfactory and I could get the results not giving much efforts (like I used to in some of my previous marbling experiments still they never turned..... ummm..... anything good :P)

Polishes used are:
For base I used White- Faces Ultime Pro #23 (Snow White)
For marbling I used-
1. Jessica- # 653 (Indigo Glow)
2. Maybelline Colorama- Perla
3. OPI- #NL G18 (Every month is Oktoberfest)
over the marbled design I applied two coats of NYX #37 (Pink Avenue) which is sort of a flaky glitter polish.

Overall the design turned out fine. So tell me what do you feel about the design and leave some comments down.



  1. Wow the design sure turned out great, loved it.

  2. OMG !! This is beautiful :)
    Honestly mesmerizing at first glance <3

    1. Muaah... I love u girl...... thanks....... :)

  3. Hi,
    I've nominated you to receive the Liebster Award. If you would like to accept it, just go to my blog post and have a look:

    1. Thanks Sarah but I have already been nominated by Nail Jems and now I am looking for less than 200 follower blogs......... but thanks anyways....... :)