Tuesday, 25 June 2013

TPC- Day 3, Using Born Pretty Store Metal Chains

Its the third day of TPC June and I am here with a very simple mani.

The colours used are the same-
Purple- Street wear "Lilac Martini"
Pink- Coloressence "Barbie Pink"
Red- Maybelline Colorama "Graus"

The chains are 'Punk Style Metal Chain Line' from Born Pretty Store. I had won them in  a giveaway by Born Pretty store during April. They come in two colours- gold and silver and two sizes- 2mm and 1.6mm and are 100cm in length. I was thinking of doing a design with them but could not think of anything!!! So, I thought of putting them in one of the TPC.
There are very simple steps to this mani. Apply base coat. French tip them with pink and red colors alternately. Cut the chain according to your nail breadth and stick them in between where purple and red/pink colors meet. 
Tip: It's better to use a glue rather than clear polish to stick the chains as they will stick properly and will not come out from the edges (like they did in mine and thus have to stick it again and again with a clear polish) and do not forget to apply 2-3 coats of topcoat to make the mani wearable for a long time.

Hope you liked the design. 
To buy these funky chains click here. Use Code DVG10 to get sitewide 10% discount.

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    1. Thanks, I am happy that you liked it.... :)

  2. This looks awesome! I am gonna order something from bornpretty store...They have some really cool stuff! Your NOTD is reallly cool.... :)

    1. Thanks a lot.......... Yeah Born pretty store has lovely stuff for nail art........ do order from them and if you don't have a coupon code then use the code DVG10 to get 10% off from your order....... :)