Thursday, 27 June 2013

TPC June- Day Four

Hello all the beautiful ladies out there. How are you all??? So this month is coming to an end and with it half of the year will be gone!!! How time flies by.....ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Today I am here with the fourth TPC mani for june. I was not feeling well so I just kept it simple.

The nail polish used are the same which have been used in previous manis
I tried to have a washed up effect and thought how will the mani look if I use all the three color. So here is what I did.
After applying the base coat apply pink color nail paint on all of your nails, let it dry. apply red color polish over it and with a crumpled up polythene sheet dab here and there on the red polish while its still wet. apply a clear polish or top coat to blend in the two colors. After it dries apply purple color polish over it and again dab on it with crumpled poly sheet. After this step though the red color underneath was visible but the pink color almost disappeared!!!! I hope you can see the little tinges of pink color. Apply top coat to blend in the colors. The nails were looking empty so, I thought of doing some stamping (And tell you what, I suck at it!!!!). So, with Konad stamping plate no.31 and konad special polish in silver I stamped in the flowers on my ring finger. I then again applied a top coat to seal in the final design.

P.S. I messed up my thumb, so please ignore.. :P

Hope you liked the design.

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  1. So very pretty....I loved the colors used to create it... :)

  2. I love the effect! I see nothing wrong with your stamping!

    1. Really!!! Thanks!!! I should try more stamping then...... :)

  3. If this is what you come up with when you're not feeling good, I'm totally blown away!! Really nice! :)

    1. Thanks a lot.......... :) I didn't think that you all are gonna like it so much, I was feeling so tired and uninspired when I did this design So I just kept it simple........... :)