Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunset Nails!!!!

Hello you all......... Hope you all are doing great. So here I am with today's mani and the theme I have chosen is sunset. I remember when I was a kid i used to draw sunset paintings, which were not good but I used to be satisfied with the results :P 
A thought then occurred to me as to why not try these on my nails!!! So after giving it a thought and as to what design i should make I came out with the following result-

I could not decide which color to choose as the sunset color and thought of doing a ombre but I didn't get a good result so after removing the ombre I and then I found a perfect color for the sunset- Colorbar's Tangerine Mojito!!! The color is not so bright orange as was perfect for the sunset color. 
The idea that was in my mind was to draw a scene of sunset when the sun totally sets and one just see silhouettes of the things so for that I used acrylic black acrylic color to draw my design. I french tipped with black acrylic to depict the land I thought of designing a tree with a swing hanging on it and decided that the finger which will flaunt this design will be my pinkie!!! :D

The ring finger then completed the tree's design. The design looked incomplete so I painted some flying dry leaves on the middle finger and thumb. It reminded of a warm summer sunset weather when the leaves float in the air. 

I then drew a house with smoke flying from its chimney showing that household chores have just started and yellow windows showing light coming from inside the house. 


I was then satisfied with the result and hope you all will also like it.