Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge (#ILLnailChallenge) Week 11- Artwork Featuring Three Favourite Polishes

Hey Fellas!!! I am Very happy as I had won an Instagram contest organized by Beaching Nails and My Online Shop last month and I had won three tester plates (Yipppeeee) and the prize got delivered to me a few days back.

Frankly speaking I was not a big fan of stamping, reason being, when I first tried stamping with my first ever Konad plate I bought, the images didn't stamp well even by using Konad special polishes and I thought that I did something wrong and this is not my forte. I used to get so awwweed by the other stampers, I wondered how they stamped so well. Later on I realized that the image plate which I had bought was faulty and it was not my fault, AT ALL!!! But I didn't buy any more plates either, but an opportunity knocked on my phone (lols) and I entered the contest and I won the plates and as soon as the plates arrived I tried stamping with them and what I saw was that my most of the polishes work fine with stamping and so I thought of doing stamping for this week's ILL challenge and this is what I created-
I am very new to this stamping world, so please pardon me for any mistakes I had done. The polishes I have used are-
1. Street Wear #37 (Yellow Delight)
2. Sally Hansen #40 (Coral Reef)
3. Kleancolor #79 (Light Red)

The reason I used this polish is that the yellow is my favorite yellow and this is the second bottle I am using of it. I am in love with Coral color now days and the particular coral color polish was gifted to me by Rajani and I so love this color. Kleancolor is a new brand that I am using but I have fallen in love with it, the polishes are so fast drying and this red color is so good and gives a nice red color in just one coat.
For stamping I have used two images from the MJ plate No. XXV. The images are crisp and stamp very well and I have my faith restored in stamping.
Hope you like the design, do let me know by leaving the comments below.