Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Foil mani

I am back from a nice trip home..... :) Enjoyed the weather out there, enjoyed my mamma's hand cooked food, enjoyed just lazing around........ The bad part was that I could not do any mani :( and could not check my mails and blog (the truth is that I did not want to do anything ;) !!!!!! ) and the worst part was that two of my nails broke down (aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhh........... ) and so I had to cut my nails very short and I will not be able to do any manis for time being (which I missed doing soooooooo dammmmmmnnnnnn much when I was home) :'(  !!!! But I have pictures of some of my old manis and will be posting them till my nails don't grow to a length when I can paint them again.

So here is a foil mani I did using aluminium foil o_O (yes you read it right.....).

              I was such a fan of foils (I still am...... ) but I didn't know as to where to order them so an idea struck me and I thought of using aluminium foil. I did not have any nail glue at that time so I used base coat as a base to stick my foils. I cut the foils in small small pieces (according to my nail length) and stuck them to the wet base coat. The foils were long and not exactly the same shape as that of nails, so I filed them down and removed the access foil. After I foiled all the nails, it seemed little bit incomplete so I did a half moon using black color Elle 18 nail pop. 

              The funny thing that happened was that the design could not last for even a night!!!! lolllll!!!!! The whole foils slipped from my nails when I went to sleep!!!! So I was wondering what mistake I did and came to following conclusions-

1. It might have happened because I used base coat to stick my foils. If I must have used nail glue then I guess the foils must have stuck to the nails.
2. If at all I used a base coat then I should have let it partially dry and then stuck my foils rather than sticking them onto a wet base coat, I guess it could have been better.
3. I should not have used aluminium foil at all, this was a bad idea. 

What say guys, what should I have used??? Have you tried anything like this then let me know about your experiences.......



  1. Nail art looks real geeky


  2. Ohhhhhhhhh......... Thanx a ton.............. :)