Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Black and White

Hey everyone..........hows u all??? So here Is the design I did during February.

Items required-
Nail polish in white- I have used Maybelline Colorama 'Perla'
Nail polish in black- I have used Elle 18
Acrylic colors in white and black
Silver glitter polish

After applying a base coat, color half nail in white and other half in black. To create the petals use a lip filler brush, the one I have used is of Wega. Dip the tip if the brush in white acrylic and then tilt it sideways and press gently on the nails, use contrast colors on the nail paint i.e. use white on black and black on white. Finish the design by striping a silver line in between the black and white nail polish. Seal in your design with a top coat and you are done.

Hope you like this simple design. Have fun creating combinations of your choice.



  1. Seems like a very easy tutorial Divya! I might try it with some summery shades of yellow & green!

    1. Yeah sure......... it would be great if u try it..... :)

  2. I m gonna try this someday :)