Friday, 24 May 2013

Crisscross tape mani

Hello guys, so here is another tape mani. The striping tape which I have used, I have ordered them from Dimpal Rathore of 'Crazy Polishes'. The effect which I tried to create was to have a gloss base and matt crisscross top, but the effect came out to be embossed!!! (A new learning experience). 

Items required:
Blue polish- I have used Faces 'Ultramarine Blue'
Pink polish- I have used Coloressence 'Barbie Pink'
Golden polish- I have used Elle 18 'No. 18'
Matt top coat- I have used Bourjois 'So Matt'
Striping tape

The steps are as follows:
After applying base coat, color the nails in blue and let it dry. Then put the striping tape in crisscross manner. Apply ombre with pink and golden color over the striping tape. Apply the matt top coat over the ombre. I did this to have a matt and shiny effect, but I ended up having embossed effect and I liked the result. On the index finger, instead of doing ombre, I just applied a matt top coat.


The end result is as follows.

Hope you liked my experiment, and if you also try it then let me know.


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