Tuesday, 16 July 2013

TPC July #1

Hey girls!!!! How you all have been??? I am here with the Crumpet Nail Tarts Tri polish challenge for the month of July. The colors for this month are blue, blue and green. The colors which I have chosen are-
Blue #1- Elle 18 nail pops '#53'
Blue #2- Revlon Top speed 'Royal'
Green- Gaits 'Lonely Green'

Below is the nail art which I did-

After applying base coat I applied the Elle 18 polish to depict the sky. I then drew waves with revlon 'royal' color and detailed it with white color polish. On the pinkie finger I drew a part of the beach by applying Zoya 'Lulu' and then sprinkling loose glitter powder over it. With the help of the green color I drew a palm tree and detailed it with black color polish. I also drew two birdies with the black color polish. I also sprinkled loose glitter powder over the waves to give it some shiny appearnce.

Though it did not come out as the way I had it in my mind but still I am happy with outcome. 

Hope you all liked it and do have a look at what other girls have designed.



  1. I love this one. so pretty and intricate!

    1. Ohhhh thanks, i feel so good to hear this ........ :)

  2. I can almost hear the waves! :) Great job!

  3. So lovely Divya! look at the sea foam! Fun and creative design. xx