Thursday, 18 July 2013

TPC #2 and Born Pretty store Silicone Printing Template Review

Heya!!!! hows you all???? Today is the day number two of the TPC for July and I am excited as this time I did my mani using the born pretty store's silicone template. Will let you know about these aweome templates, but first let me show you the design which I created.

The blue, blue and green polishes used are the same which I have used in the previous mani. the white color I have used is of Lakme . I did an ombre on all the nails with white and light blue polish (Elle 18 #53) after applying a base coat. I then stamped various patterns using born pretty store's nail art stamp silicone printing template #A25 with the dark blue color (Revlon's royal) and green color (Gaits' lonely green). I just dabbed on the nail tips with LA colors holographic glitter and sealed the design with a top coat.

Now about the silicone template. The template comes in five selectable patterns and are made of silicone material. The template which I am reviewing looks like this 
Back of the template
The silicone part having different pattern etched to it
The best part of the template it is that no special polish is required for stamping with it. You just have to apply a nail polish over the desired image on the plate. Now there is a polish over the image but there is also excess polish all around it, so, to remove it lay down a newspaper or napkin or anything which has soaking property (I have used newspaper) on a flat surface and stamp gently on it. After doing this 1 or 2 times, the excess polish all around the pattern will stamp over the newspaper and you will be left with the pattern with polish in it. To apply the pattern on the nails, just stamp the pattern by rolling it over you nails and the image will be transferred on your nails. 
I really loved this template because it is easy to use. 

The pros of the template are-
1. Easy to use.
2. No stamper and scraper is required.
3. No special polish is required.
4. Design comes out neat.

The cons of the template are-
1. The template is small in size.
2. The images are very close to each other.
3. Not too many designs as there are only 5 templates available.

The templates are great and very easy to use. Only if there are more designs, then it would have been more cool.

Do check out the templates and buy them here. Use code DVG10  to earn 10% discount on your purchase.

Hope you like the review and if you have any queries and like me to post the images of the way the pattern on a template is applied, do let me know.